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This page contains the rating block for rating this website. To do that, we have registered the new rating type for the website, and to display this rating block here we are using the following shortcode, and the results are displayed below it:

[gdrts_stars_rating type="custom.website" id="1" template="imdb" style_type="font" style_font_name="heart" style_size="40" /]
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    22 votes
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  • 2 Stars
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  • 1 Star
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The template used for this is called IMDB. By default, this template uses built-in GRID to show the ratings and overall rating badge. But, for this demo, this template has been overriden by the theme, and uses inline blocks that make it easier to position the whole rating block as centered.

This is implemented based on the user guide available in the Dev4Press Support Knowledge Base. You can check out How to allow your visitors to rate your website.

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