Classic rating method, using stars , with wide range of options to control stars, size and styling, icons or images and much more.

Similar to the Stars method, but using slider control for precise selection of rating. Using responsive and touch enabled custom built slider control.

Modern rating method using emotions for rating. Create one or more emotions sets (each behaves like a new method), use different emoji sets or add your own.

Very popular and simple rating method giving only two choice for the rating: yes or no. Includes wide range of styling themes, icons and images to choose from.

Simplest rating method, with only one choice, Like. Includes wide range of styling option, and option to remove already given Like.

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This is the demo website for GD Rating System Pro plugin for WordPress. The plugin is developed by Dev4Press, and license for Pro version is available to purchase on the official plugin homepage. With the Pro license, you get access to several extra free addons and graphics packs, and you can also purchase premium addons and graphics packs to get more complex features: multi ratings, user reviews…

This demo is made to showcase all the plugin features, premium addons features (each one has own demo website), and to bring them together for practical hosting companies rating demo. The demo website is build on the free theme ‘First‘, with several child themes available to download for free with the Pro plugin license.

Explore the demo

This demo website tries to demonstrate a wide range of GD Rating System Pro features. Start with the Blog, and explore the News and Articles, check out the pages with features, widgets in the sidebars and more. The demo contents guide is available here.

More demos

You can also check out the following demos:

Additional plugins used

This demo uses two more Dev4Press plugins. To display breadcrumbs, the website uses GD Crumbs Navigator Pro. It is a highly adaptable plugin that supports everything WordPress has by default, and also supports pages added by bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce and all relevant Dev4Press plugins. Another plugin used on this website is GD Content Tools Pro, for adding two additional custom post types. This plugin offers much more, so check out the website for more details.