Demo Contents

Here is the list of implemented features in this demo. This includes different rating methods, use of shortcodes and widgets, customization in the theme templates and more. All the custom code is located in the Demo plugin, file www/custom.php.

About the Demo

This demo shows various customization for the base rating methods included with the GD Rating System Pro..

Rating plugin and addons used

This demo uses only GD Rating System Pro plugin and no addons are needed.

Child Theme

Demo uses theme called First, and the child theme create for it has number of customization added, including some custom styling, custom templates for GD Rating System and registers additional image sizes.

Rating Methods

Stars Rating

Stars Rating is used for the Posts (Blog). You can see top rated posts lists in the method feature page Stars Rating. For the single posts, we have customized rating block with custom styling. For the archives, you can see simplified rating block under the thumbnail image. Stars Rating is also used for the Website rating widget and page.

Slider Rating

Slider Rating is used for the Articles. You can see top rated articles list in the method feature page Slider Rating. For single articles, we use standard rating block. For the archives, we have custom code that displays the rating value if available and votes. This is done without using the rating block, we use the rating item object to get raw data.

Like This

Like This method is used for comments for Posts (Blog) and News. You can see the list with the most liked comments in the method feature page Like This. And, the demo shows one very interesting feature: aggregation. In the archives for news entries, demo shows the total number of likes all comments for each entry got.

Emote This

Emote This method with Default series is used for the rating of News. You can see top rated News in the method feature page Emote This. And, on the archive for news entries, demo shows emote elements with number of votes. Example uses custom built function to check if post has emote votes, and then calls customized render function.

Custom template is added for the rating list (First Theme, List), that shows different layout including wide thumbnail and some different styling.

Thumbs Rating

Thumbs Rating method is used for the rating of pages. Each page has thumbs block with the Call to Action text set and Thumbs Up / Down labels changed to Yes / No. To show call to action text, we are using the custom template. You can check out more information about this method on the Thumbs Rating page.

Also, there are some styling improvements applied to the thumbs block, and filter is used to changed the vote value for the current user vote from +1/-1 to Yes/No.

Review Methods

GD Rating System Pro contains Stars and Slider review methods. More information about them, with demo use on the product pages, you can check out here. Both reviews are used to build complex review rich snippets with review rating, product information and reviewer information. You can use Google Rich Snippet testing tool too see how the snippets look like.

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